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No 11300 

Digital device for disinfecting and humidifying

Ideally suited for small rooms and offices.

Using ultrasound technology, the disinfectant liquid is vaporized so finely that “cold mist” is created, which is spread out by a fan. The mist rises and thus binds fine particles and microorganisms. The device can be used for disinfecting and/or humidifying. Due to its size, efficiency and low noise level, the DESI® MINI-JET is ideal for use in private and office environments. Thanks to its large liquid supply, the MINI-JET can be operated both continuously and via a timer function.

  • Three performance levels
  • Integrated Timer
  • Infrarot remote control
  • For disinfecting and/or humidifying
  • Constant humidity level (adjustable 45-90%)
  • Also fights viruses in the room air and reduces the risk of aerosols



Connection values and output: 230 V / 50 Hz / 30 W

Capacity: 4.5 l disinfectant

Weight: 1.63 kg

Dimensions: 290 x 230 mm (HxØ)

Application radiups: 10 - 15 m³

Fog output: 350 ml / h

Noise development : ≤ 36 dB