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The smart helper for a hand (y) disinfection
Small in appearance. Big in performance.
You know the situation: you have just washed your hands, but then touched something on the way to work or tothe car. Then you answer your cell phone - and now you could actually start all over again: wash your hands, disinfect your cell phone, etc. etc.
This is where the small DESI MICRO shows its great strength. It closes the gap in the hygienechain in the office and on the go. To do this, it nebulizes the highly effective H2O2 disinfection fluid - either non-stop (auto mode) or when approaching the sensor (induction mode). In this way you can disinfect hands, cell phones, keys, credit cards and other objects in the blink of an eye without contact. The germs in the air are also reduced in the immediate vicinity of the DESI MICRO.

• For contactless disinfection of hands and objects (e.g. cell phone, keys...)
• Small as a coffee cup
• High quality design (aluminum)
• Effective in its use
• For the office, the nail salon, for foot care
• Nebulizes the highly effective plasma / H2O2 fluid
• Can also be used on the go and in the car thanks to battery operation
• Fights viruses also in the room air and reduces the risk of infection by aerosols

Connection values and power: 5 VDC / 2-4 W.
Battery capacity and runtime: 1,200 mAh / approx. 3.5 h
Charging time: approx. 2.5 hours
Weight: 220 g
Dimensions: 115 x 65 mm (H x Ø)
Capacity: 150 ml
Approach distance: ≤ 12 cm
Fog output: approx. 30 - 40 ml / h