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No 11120

The safety mask for work, hobby and on the road

...and clear protection against Covid & Co

You are tired of conventional mouth and nose masks, which make it difficult to breathe, and your glasses fog up? Here comes the fantastic alternative! The DESI® MASK encloses the face ergonomically and prevents droplets from entering and exiting much better than conventional visors. It allows easier breathing and is at the same time safer than fabric masks that store moisture. The face is not distorted with the DESI® MASK, speech intelligibility is hardly affected. Both are big advantages in areas with interpersonal communication such as in retail, schools, restaurants, hotels etc. The DESI® MASK does not fog up thanks to the anti-fog material. This also makes it very suitable for longer use and for people who wear glasses.


  • Effective alternative to conventional mouth and nose protective masks
  • Safer than cloth masks because no moisture build-up
  • High wearing comfort
  • Good face recognition and speech intelligibility
  • Safety through high impact and break resistance. Additionally: Protection of the eye area
  • Suitable for work, sport and private life. Also suitable for people who wear glasses
  • Easy to clean with water and dish washing liquid


Measurements: 134 x 165 mm (HxW)

Weight: 75g

Material: polycarbonate