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An amazingly simple principle

Water-based disinfection

The DESI® product family is a new all-in-one solution for highly effective disinfection in individual households, small businesses and organizations, such as daycare centers and schools, and even in large companies. The project is supported by the Schwarzkopf Institute in Bad Bocklet, Germany. Effective disinfection of large surfaces and rooms requires neither alcohol solutions nor chemicals. All that is needed is normal water of the same quality that comes out of the tap in Germany.

The clean solution against viruses and bacteria. Quite simply and quickly by touching a button.

The water is briefly treated before use with the DESI® PLASMA-FLUIDER. In the process, the water molecules are plasmatized and hydroxyl radicals are formed. These radicals on the bacteria or viruses and break open their fatty envelope. The microorganisms dry out, stop reproducing and die.

99.9% bactericidal and virucidal. By contact only.

After preparation, the water can be sprayed without hesitation. The contact of the microorganisms with the water alone provides the bactericidal and virucidal effect. Therefore it is sufficient to spray the water as finely as possible everywhere where disinfection is required. This is ensured by our atomizers and sprayers of the DESI product family.

Only enthusiasm is still contagious here

The DESI® product family and our experts ensure complete sterility

Our anti-virus products are convincing as individual products for individual needs as well as a wide-ranging system solution for larger challenges. We work according to the principle: First analyse, then invest. The monitor permanently measures at which times and in which intensity rooms are polluted - and warns you accordingly with a traffic light system. and warns you accordingly with a traffic light system. Based on these empirical values, you can protect your rooms as needed or permanently with the optimally suited DESInfection devices.

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What is filtered

More and more scientific studies show that aerosols are also an important carrier of coronavirus. Most of our products combat not only harmful aerosol particles but also many other allergens and pollutants in the indoor air.

Viruses and aerosols

Mold spores


Bacteria and viruses

Volatile organic compounds

Ultrafine particles


Fine particles



No expensive additives, no follow-up costs. No under or overdosing.


No salt, no alcohol, no chemicals. Simply drinkabel water.


Our gentle and effective method kills 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria.


Simply spray. Just contact is sufficient for the disinfecting effect.