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The importance of descaling


In the following documentation I would like to show how important it is to descale:

Our DESI Plasma Fluider is always in use. 3 times a week we prepare new H2O2 fluid and use it to fill our nebuliser (DESI Mini Jet) and our hand dispenser (DESI dispenser) at our DESI booth.

Since we have very hard water, we have to descale it twice a month. We use citric acid for this, which we dilute as indicated on the packaging. I took pictures to show how a fluid is affected by limescale deposits

The picture clearly shows that the fine bubbles rise only to the right of the blue light, but by far not as fine as they should be. Nothing happens to the left of the blue light, just as if it were switched off. It is of course not, but obviously the lime has accumulated there.

I have now poured 100ml of citric acid into 1l of water.


Please do not switch on the device while you are descaling. I'm just doing this so you can see what limescale is doing. I switched the device off again immediately and let the citric acid work. 



After 40 minutes…. It's still a process, but much better…. We wait another 20 minutes ...



After 1 hour of descaling, our fluid works again. You can clearly see that both sides are functioning equally again and that very fine bubbles rise. It has to look like this.

After I have emptied the used citrus acid solution, I fill our plasma fluid with tap water and my H2O2 fluid is ready within another 40 minutes.

Now it has been transferred to our nebuliser and the hand dispenser and can do its job again, namely to disinfect our hands and our office with H2O2 fluid.

Conclusion: Our devices need loving attention from time to time.