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The DESI Stand - Unpacking and initial operation

The DESI Stand - Unpacking and initial operation
Protection against viruses and bacteria starts at the door. For this reason, we have decided to show you the unboxing, setting up and initial operation of our DESI STAND

The DESI STAND is delivered to us in this packaging on a pallet.   
As you can see, the DESI STAND arrives safely and securely packaged.

You can clearly see that it is equipped with a DESI THERMOMETER and a DESI DISPENSER.

We have also ordered a DESI CARPET, which can be displayed directly in front of the DESI STAND acts as a reminder to disinfect your hands.
Really a good idea all round.
We have decided to set up the DESI STAND in the entrance area of our office. There we have access to a socket. In addition, the DESI STAND is easily accessible for every employee.

The thermometer is attached at forehead level, the hand dispenser directly below.

You can see a sponge under the hand dispenser to catch any droplets.
Should a droplet fall on the floor, our DESI CARPET will catch it.
The floor around the DESI STAND stays dry and nobody will slip on wet tiles.
The DESI DISPENSER can be opened with a small key enclosed with the operating instructions. It just has to be pushed down slightly and the dispenser opens.
Then I can easily remove the container and fill it up with the disinfectant fluid from our DESI PLASMA FLUIDER.
The filling container can simply be pulled out and filled with the DESI disinfectant fluid.

If companies still have a surplus stock of other disinfectant fluid, many ask us whether they can also use these products with the DESI Dispenser.


This is entirely possible, as long as the consistency of the purchased fluid is liquid like water; this is because our dispenser nebulises the fluid very finely.

As with other dispensers on offer, there is no need to buy cartridges.
Simply fill the filling container with our DESI disinfectant fluid and you're done. And when it is needed, prepare new fluid in the DESI PLASMA FLUIDER and refill the Dispensers filling container. Super easy!
When opening the DESI DISPENSER you will see the setting buttons. The on/off button is quickly located. When switched on, a green light will light up underneath.

Above the on/off button you can set the amount of disinfection that the dispenser will release with each use.

Then simply close the DESI DISPENSER again.

This is how easy it is to measure temperature.

The forehead temperature is measured at a distance of approx. 5-10 cm with the forehead in front of the thermometer and within 2 seconds a body temperature readout is given.

A green light flashes at normal temperature, and a red light flashes if the user has a fever.

The thermometer can be moved and adjusted, depending on your height. We set it to around 1.70 m.
Disinfecting your hands is also child's play.

The DESI DISPENSER sprays our fluid directly into the hand without any contact. You will see a green light during the spraying process. Now you can decide - do I have enough liquid for both hands or do I need a spray for the second hand.

What we're particularly happy about - our fluid is free of alcohol and chemicals. It's sustainable and gentle, even on sensitive skin.

The level of the disinfectant fluid in the dispenser can also be seen very well. At the moment it is half full.

Conclusion: It couldn't be easier! Our DESI Stand guards the entrance against virus, bacteria and fever, providing disinfection, precise temperature information and reassurance.