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Setting the Mini Jet and Maxi Jet with the remote control

Setting up DESI MINI Jet and DESI MAXI JET with remote control - child's play if you know how



The remote control of the MINI JET and MAXI JET is identical. I'll just explain how you set up your device using our MINI JET, which works in our small office. The remote control has a total of 5 buttons that are used for setting.


From top left to bottom right: night mode / on-off / humidity / atomization strength / timer



After I have filled my device with the H2O2 fluid and put it in the right place, I switch it on using the remote control.




Then I choose the humidity at the push of a button. I can adjust from 45-95% here. I just press the button several times - until I get the desired humidity displayed. If the device runs all day, we recommend a humidity setting of 45 or 50%.

The device has sensors and whenever the humidity is reached, it switches off automatically, or it switches on when the humidity is too low. You will notice how pleasant the indoor air quality becomes with constant humidity. Dry eyes or nasal mucous membranes will no longer bother you.

We notice the difference especially in the late afternoon, as we are less tired and definitely more productive. In addition, when you use the H2O2 fluid, you also release oxygen. All of this contributes to a very good indoor climate.

Please do not set the device higher or only in exceptional cases if you want to disinfect quickly and you can stick with it, otherwise the environment will of course be quite humid.

Our device runs reliably in the mode specified above all day without the environment becoming damp.



I use this button to set the nebulization output. We also recommend starting with the lowest level for the small office. By setting the humidity, the device will always start to fog up when the humidity drops below the limit. But here, too, if you want to move quickly, for example shortly before a meeting, you can increase the performance.



Setting the timer is also easy. It is possible to let the device run for a selected period of time. I select the period with the button shown (clock). Again I press several times until I have reached the desired nebulization time. I can choose between 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours. This can be helpful if I want to prepare the room before a meeting without my being there. But then please be sure to set the humidity (45 - 50%).




The last button is the night mode. When you press this button, the lighting on the control panel turns off. You decide whether you need it. In the private sector, this can be very important when I want to sleep. However, this is not recommended at work 😉.

Conclusion: The remote control is simple and easy to use for both devices.