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Our DESI stick in use

Using our DESI stick when shopping

It is now normal for us to go shopping with FFP2 masks. This is how we protect our airways from viruses.

But what about my hands? In the course of shopping you will come into contact with many things that other people have touched before me.

Starting with the shopping cart. While disinfectants were initially available to disinfect the handles of the shopping trolley, I increasingly found that the funds are either no longer available or the dispensers are empty. Both are uncomfortable.

At first I used disinfectant wipes. However, this is not a good, sustainable solution. I use it to create rubbish and I am also always forced to have a package with me. I also don't like what the disinfectant does to my skin.

Good advice is expensive!


I have now remedied this with our DESI stick. The DESI stick fits in every jacket pocket and can be taken anywhere. It can be charged via USB or operated with rechargeable batteries.

The way it works is simple, without liquid and based on UV light. I can safely disinfect my shopping trolley handle within 33 seconds.

That's how it works:


I turn on the stick and slowly run up and down the handle.

Through the purple light I can see that my stick is doing its job. (Unfortunately, you can't see the purple light in the picture because it was bright outside.)

I now do that on both handles of the shopping cart. So I can be sure that at least I'm not taking any viruses and bacteria from others with me on the shopping cart.

I can also disinfect my car steering wheel in this way, or the elevator buttons in the elevator, the computer keyboard at the ATM, my cell phone ...

Sometimes I feel like "Monk" 😉 But what is the alternative?

Conclusion: Here I have a sustainable device that I can use indefinitely, that is easy to take with me and super easy to use. I definitely don't want to miss it in my everyday life anymore.

You can also see the application in the laboratory here: