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DESI® Turbo-Jet

No 11360

The ice-cold shower for viruses and bacteria.

Strong in results. Economical in consumption.

The DESI® TURBO-JET is the electrical high-performance device for large-area disinfection of large rooms such as event locations, school auditoriums, meeting rooms, etc. Ultra-fine particles minimize the consumption of the disinfectant and maximize the effect. Due to the very high number of revolutions, the liquid particles are very finely atomized and create a thick fog. Due to the large-area application of the disinfectant up to 10 m, the contamination area is covered over a large area. The DESI® TURBO-JET can be used inside and outside of buildings.

  • Stepless power control
  • High-speed rotary vaporizer with 10,000 rpm for the finest atomization
  • Swivel nozzle
  • Practical shoulder strap
  • Also fights viruses in the room air and reduces the risk of aerosols


Connected load and power: 230 V / 50 Hz / 2,200 W
Capacity: 12 l disinfectant
Weight: 6 kg
Dimensions: 310 x 655 x 200 mm (HxWxD)
Fog output: 1.3 l / min
Number of revolutions: up to 10,000 rpm min
User Manual (DE)
Swiveling spray nozzle (15 ° - 110 °)
Swiveling spray nozzle (15 ° - 110 °)
Shoulder strap for working comfortably
Shoulder strap for working comfortably

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