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DESI Plasma Fluider explained

Our DESI Plasma Fluider

We love our plasma fluid! It is the basis for so many applications and disinfection options:


  • For hand disinfection
  • For full body nebulization
  • For room fogging
  • For wipe disinfection

If the plasma fluid has finished its use and I open the lid, then I can smell the disinfectant fluid that has been generated. I associate cleanliness with certain smells. That smell is definitely one of them.

Here are some little tips for you:

If you are like me, then our tap in the company is not exactly high and that makes filling the plasma fluid a little more difficult. I did so:

I place the plasma fluid in the basin as inclined as necessary in order to fill it as high as possible. In my case, this is about half full.


 Danach hebe ich den Plasma Fluider aus dem Spülbecken und stelle ihn auf die Abtropffläche. Sie können Sie jetzt sehr schön erkennen, dass er etwas mehr als zur Hälfte befüllt ist.



By using a measuring cup with a filling volume of 500 ml, I can fill my plasma fluid further.

I am sticking to this small measuring cup because some of our nebulisers have very precise filling volume specifications that must not be ignored under any circumstances.

After preparing the disinfectant fluid, do I want a certain amount of disinfectant fluid, e.g. For example, pour 500 ml into one of the nebulisers, I simply use my measuring cup again.

But now I just first fill the plasma fluid up to the desired level in order to produce my disinfectant fluid.


Our plasma fluid has a lid that locks into place by rotating it. Even if I cannot carry the container by the handle of the lid under any circumstances, I can use the handle to stabilize the carrying of the filled container. One hand grips the handle, the other hand grips under the plasma fluid - and it is easier to carry.



Now for pouring out the water. Here I would like to thank one of our customers very much who made his pictures available to us.

Again and again we receive information / inquiries about emptying the plasma fluid - either in a nebuliser or the disposal of too much fluid.

To my shame I have to admit that I didn't even notice the spout of the plasma fluid. And yet he has one.


It's even designed so that I can use it with the lid closed - quite clever and well thought out.

Conclusion: The handling of the DESI plasma fluid is well thought out and simple. It is a device that not only provides valuable services for the production of the disinfectant fluid H2O2, but should actually be used in every private household when it comes to hygiene.

Have fun using it!



Please note!  Manufacturers recommendation.

Since the mineral content of the drinking water differs from region to region, we recommend the following measure for the production of disinfectant fluid based on the plasmatization of tap water:

 Addition of household salt, when making DESI-Disinfectant Fluid

1-2 liters of tap water -> ¼ teaspoon of household salt

3-4 liters of tap water -> ½ teaspoon of household salt

5-6 liters of tap water -> 1 teaspoon of household salt

7-9 liters of tap water -> 2 teaspoons of household salt

Please adhere to the recommended specific amounts, this ensures a consistent result regardless of your tap waters mineral content