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DESI® Monitor

No 11600

The air quality fully on the screen at a glance

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The DESI® MONITOR is a precise, multifunctional display instrument for measuring air quality (air quality index, fine dust, CO2, volatile foreign substances, air humidity and temperature). The representation in the display works according to the traffic light principle. Dangerous values are highlighted in red, increased but still good values are shown in yellow and harmless, excellent values are shown in green. You can choose between three types of display. A graphic shows the value development over the last 8 hours. In addition to a display for the date and time, the DESI® MONITOR has an alarm function and a screen saver to reduce battery consumption.


Air quality display using the traffic light principle:

  • AQI = air quality index
  • PM1.0 / PM2.5 / PM10 = fine dust (0 - 999 mg / m³)
  • CO2 = carbon dioxide (400 - 5,000 ppm)
  • TVOC = highly volatile foreign matter (0 - 9,999 mg / m³)
  • HUM = relative humidity (20 - 85%)
  • TEMP = temperature in ° C (-10 - 60 ° C)
  • 3 types of display and 8-hour graphical overview
  • With an acoustic warning signal when the CO2 value is exceeded
  • Display of date, time and charge level of the battery
  • Alarm function
  • Easy and quick to use



Connection values: 5 VDC Micro USB / battery operation Li-Ion 3,000 mA / h
Weight: approx. 345 g
Dimensions: 131 x 67.5 x 78 mm (LxWxH) 
Temperature measurement: +/- 0.2 ° C via infrared technology 
Display: 4,3" LCD (480 x 270 pixels)
User Manual (DE)

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