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No 11320

The mobile cleaner.

For a germ-free room climate, even on the go.

The DESI® MOBILE-JET is a mobile ultrasonic vaporizing device with an excellent diffusion effect. The mode of action is the same as with the DESI® MINI-JET (“cold mist” binds fine particles and microorganisms). Due to its size and performance, the DESI® MOBILE-JET is ideally suited for use in vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, mobile homes, etc.). The disinfection process can be carried out quickly without lengthy preparation (duration approx. 5 min). DESI® MOBILE-JET can be operated with the vehicle's on-board network and is therefore the ideal solution for on the go (Prerequisite: vehicle socket / cigarette lighter with the appropriate fuse).

  • Small, light, powerful and mobile
  • Our Mobile Jet with a 12V plug is suited for verhicles.
  • Fast and uncomplicated disinfection
  • For disinfecting or deodorising
  • Also fights viruses in the room air and reduces the risk of aerosols
  • Foldable handle for easy transport


Technical data

Connected loads and power:
 230 V / 75 watts
400 ml
2.5 kg
230 x 230 x 290 mm (HxWxD)
Application radius:
up to 25 m³
Fog output:
1500 ml/h

User Manual (DE)


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