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DESI Mini Jet explained

Our DESI Mini Jet explained

One of my favorite devices in the DESI product family is the DESI Mini Jet. Not only do I like its design - which is modern and quite decorative, I also like its large capacity of over 4 liters, so that I have a well-filled nebuliser all day and I don't have to worry about refilling.


If I take off the water tank, I can see very clearly how the base part works. The float is pointing up and my device is well filled.


The liquid to be nebulized runs through a pressure valve again and again and the filling quantity is kept constant.


(Nahaufnahme Druckventil)


The attachment on the DESI Mini Jet has a capacity of 4.6 liters. Simply remove the lid for filling. Please do not fill in the middle of the nebulization tube.


To make it easier to fill the DESI Mini Jet with the disinfectant fluid from my DESI Plasma Fluider, I use my ½ liter measuring cup. It is exactly the right size to be able to easily draw water from the plasma fluid and to transfer it without spilling.


The tank of my DESI Mini Jet is filled with a couple of full measuring beakers and I can simply put it back on the base part. And the fogging begins.


Conclusion: Easy to use in just a few steps to enjoy the disinfection protection throughout the day.