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Basic equipment for analysis and preparation

First analyse, then invest. Our DESI® MONITOR provides concrete data on load times and strength in your rooms. This enables you to make the right decisions - and save costs. With the DESI® PLASMA-FLUIDER, you can easily prepare your own highly effective and gentle disinfection fluid from tap water. With this solution, you disinfect air AND surfaces.

Cleaning air

For a good disinfection effect, six circulations per hour are necessary. Most devices available on the market are therefore too weak. Our DESI® DRY models are not only particularly powerful, but also extremely quiet, have been tried and tested in hospital operation for years and do not just collect viruses in the filter, but actually kill them.

Disinfecting air and surface

Viruses can remain on smooth surfaces such as stainless steel for up to up to 28 days. Regular, highly effective disinfection of all contact surfaces is therefore of elementary importance. We offer nebulisers in all sizes that nebulise the disinfectant ultra-fine in the ambient air. The highlight: instead of expensive cleaning agents, we use water-based plasma fluid - without chemicals, alcohol-free and easy to produce yourself.

Special solutions

Some situations call for special solutions. From cleaning keyboards to people to large rooms: we can help here too. Our experts will be happy to provide you with specific advice and determine the optimal solution for your areas of application and needs.