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The clean solution against viruses and bacteria. Quite simply and quickly at the push of a button.

Before use, the water is briefly treated with DESI® PLASMA-FLUIDER. The water molecules are plasmatized and hydroxyl radicals are formed. These pounce on the bacteria or viruses and break up their fat shell. The microorganisms dry up, stop reproducing and die.

99.9% bactericidal and virucidal. Simply through contact.

After preparation, the water can be sprayed on without delay. The contact of the microorganisms with the water alone ensures the bactericidal and virucidal effect. It is therefore completely sufficient to apply the water as finely as possible wherever it is to be disinfected. Our applicators and sprayers from the DESI product family ensure this.

The hydrogen peroxide was discovered over 200 years ago ... In the microbiological tests of the substance it was found that H2O2 immediately kills various desease causing agents (pathogens).


No expensive additives, no follow-up costs. No under or overdosing.


No salt, no alcohol, no chemicals. Simply drinkabel water.


Our gentle and effective method kills 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria.


Simply spray. Just contact is sufficient for the disinfecting effect.