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Cleaning air

Tried-and-tested technology with long-term benefits: For a good disinfection effect, six circulations per hour are necessary. Most units available on the market are therefore too weak. Our DESI® DRY models are not only particularly powerful, but also extremely quiet, have been tried and tested in hospital operation for years and not only collect viruses in the filter, but actually kill them.

Product overview

Disinfecting air and surface

How you clean surfaces - AND the indoor air: We offer nebulisers in all sizes that nebulise the disinfectant ultra-fine in the ambient air. The highlight: instead of expensive cleaning agents, we use water-based plasma fluid - without chemicals, alcohol-free and easy to produce yourself. 

Product overview
× 6/h

Required flow rate for clean air


0 m3/h

Clean air and surface - with a water-based solution

Before use, the water is briefly treated with DESI® PLASMA-FLUIDER. The water molecules are plasmatized and hydroxyl radicals are formed. These pounce on the bacteria or viruses and break up their fat shell. The microorganisms dry up, stop reproducing and die.

99.9% bactericidal and virucidal. Simply through contact.

Water-based plasmatisation